Our Nursery & The Age Groups

Bunnies: 0-2 Years


Welcome to the Bunnies, our loving and bouncy under two’s. We have many different rooms that we can explore:
The Lounge: we use this room for a range of different activities, we have a special reading/ literacy area where we can have some quiet time looking at books or singing songs. We also like to explore the Heuristic station which holds an extensive range of materials and resources which helps to promote brain development, using skills such as problem solving. This room also has our role play…

Squirrels: 2-3 Years


Welcome to the Squirrels our lovely and energetic two-year olds who love to push the boundaries and discover new things each day.
Squirrels room ‘The Den’ is divided into lots of different areas which change regularly to ensure all are kept stimulated and engaged. The den has a role play area where the squirrels love to re-enact different roles and experiences, the heuristic station which challenges thinking, the spacious craft area which includes a craft trolley and paint easel where creativity…

Hedgehogs: Pre-school


Welcome to the Hedgehogs the Whitehouse Farm Preschool. The Hedgehogs have two rooms; the Dining Room, used for craft, gross motor activities and lots of baking the Playroom, this room is used similar to a reception class. The areas include the literacy lodge where the children can practice writing, learning Phonics and the alphabet. The numeracy area to problem solve and develop numeracy skills, the role play area needed to act out real life situations ensuring children are school ready. The s…

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