Squirrels 2 – 3 Years

Welcome to the Squirrels our lovely and energetic two-year olds who love to push the boundaries and discover new things each day.


Squirrels room ‘The Den’ is divided into lots of different areas which change regularly to ensure all are kept stimulated and engaged. The den has a role play area where the squirrels love to re-enact different roles and experiences, the heuristic station which challenges thinking, the spacious craft area which includers a craft trolley and paint easel where creativity can be explored, messy play included the sand and water area, small world and construction and also when we need a rest or some quiet time we have a cosy corner where the squirrels can rest their bushy tails.


The squirrels are always on the go, taking part in a balance of adult initiated activities and free choice. Every Squirrel has a weekly focussed activity which is carried out with their key person or in a small group, this focus has been developed using the child’s individual next step and their current interests.


By listening to the children and giving them a voice, we are able to provide them with first-hand experiences and a variety of resources to develop the holistic child.
The Squirrels love to play outside, going to the Orchard to collect treasures and playing in the outdoor discovery centre ‘The Foxes Den’. The Squirrels help to collect the vegetables from the nursery green house and vegetable patch.


The Squirrels try hard to share with each other and like to practice their manners. Independence is developed with the Squirrels helping to put on their coats and washing their muddy paws.