Forest School


‘Forest school is an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands on learning in a woodland environment’. (Jennar, 2004, Murray 2004 and O’Brien 2006) WHF runs weekly forest school sessions for the Hedgehogs. The forest school is based at Manor Farm, Allington Road. The forest school leader Clare completed her level 3 forest school leader qualification in October 2016, she also holds forest school and pae…

Secret Garden


Our Secret Garden is full of exploratory areas, we have the water area where children have free access to the tap, the water tray and lots of metal resources helping to support the holistic child. This area also has a role play area which is rotated termly to keep the children engaged, examples include cafe, builders yard and woodshop. There is a sand area and a pond, home to our nursery fish and yearly tadpoles. The secret garden leads to our garden room, a wooden cabin used by nursery children during the day and for our afterschool foxes in the evening.



WHF strongly believes in the benefit of outdoor play with this being a big focus of our provision we ensure children have maximum access to the outdoors. All 3 groups of the nursery have a door leading to two gardens ensuring free flow between both indoor and outdoor provision is maintained, giving the children the freedom to decide where to engage their play. These two gardens have a variety of areas and resources including mark making to ensure a love of early writing can be explored, lots of gross motor resources such as climbing frames, bikes and trikes and small world and role play opportunities for the children to develop creativity and imagination.


Our Orchard the place where all the children want to be. The Orchard is the home to our chickens and Guinea-pigs. All groups of children visit the Orchard daily whether it be to feed and care for the animals or just to run around and explore the great Outdoors.

Not only does the Orchard boast superb outdoor space but it also holds a great selection of trees varying from cherry, apple, walnut and trees that are great to challenge a climber.

Foxes Den is a log cabin full of nature fun, this includes a perfume making area, a bug investigation area and a nature development area.

Other areas at the Orchard include the mud kitchen, Fairy Garden, Vegetable patch, bug hotel, digging area and play equipment such as slides and a climbing frame.