Bunnies 0 – 2 Years

Welcome to the Bunnies, our loving and bouncy under two’s. We have many different rooms that we can explore:


The Lounge: we use this room for a range of different activities, we have a specialreading/ literacy area where we can have some quiet time looking at books or singing songs. We also like to explore the Heuristic station which holds an extensive range of materials and resources which helps to promote brain development, using skills such as problem solving. This room also has our role play and small world areas where we can pretend and use our imagination.


The Dining room: We enjoy lots of messy play here all of which keep are senses stimulated, using a range of exciting activities such as painting and crafts, baking and sensory play. We all sit together and have our meals here and some of our friends from the other groups join us. We sit in highchairs, booster seats and little charis interacting and engaging together to help promote our social skills.


Bedroom/ Sensory area: this room facilitates all needs and learning styles. Cots, sleep mats and snuggle pods are used along with twinkly lights, soft music and a lavender fan, the Bunnies soon drift off into a lovely sleep, while being watched by their special people. This room also has a sensory area which is used by all the children within the nursery, children have lots of fun with the sensory toys, big bubble tubes and light projectors, this keeps all fascinated for long periods.


The Burrow- This is used for our baby Bunnies, this room is a cosy natural room that allows children to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. This room is all low level and filled with soft furnishings, a room that allows the baby Bunnies to discover themselves through resources such as the mirror table.


We also have our own garden that has a ramp to allow the Bunnies to crawl outside at their leisure. This area is changed daily to keep all stimulated and engaged with natural open-ended resources. We still make sure there’s time to visit the Orchard every day to feed the animals and explore the freedom of the outdoors.


Each Bunny has their own special person from the day they settle into nursery, This person will plan individual next steps and know all there is to know about their Bunny.


All in all we offer a rich, kind supporting environment for your baby to fall in love with.